17 Mar,19

Why is data analytics important for schools - a talk with Mr. Philip Sequeira, St Monica School

By: Aman Kumar Singh

We had a discussion with our client about the importance of ERP system in an school that uses data analytics to provide insights, here are a few points from our discussion with Mr. Philip Sequeira, Chief Administrator of St Monica School, Lucknow


Q When did you found the school ?


  • The trust was found in 2009 and the school started operation in 2016 and this third year of operation.


Q How may students are enrolled ?


  • Right Now we have a modest number of 300, we are operating till 8th our NOCs are in process and we will go up to 12th with three major streams that is science, commerce and humanities. 


Q what are the softwares that you use to manage your school ?


  • When we started we were not using any software but then we came in touch with Aman. He impressed us with his software for school and he developed and implemented many features as per ground level requirement of the school. And the system is very user friendly. 


Q How Zixana has helped you manage your fee system and financials of your school ?


  • It has been a roller coaster to some extent, what we want or we wanted is very specific to our requirements which aman and his team is doing excellent and our result show that the software is easy to use and fulfils our requirement of data processing the information required the perform the day to day tasks for the school.


Q What are your suggestions to other schools for using software like Zixana and get benefited from analytics.


  • Any institution or any corporate definitely has to do analysis of  all the data that is available. The better you analyse the better results your obtained. So the bottom line is everybody is working for success in business for school success means better performance of students, we should definitely look into next generation for preparing them with the technological environment they are are growing in.