07 Apr,19

The UPs & DOWNs of next generation technologies in education - A talk with Mr. Roshan Gandhi, City Montessori School.

By: Aman Kumar Singh

Here we have a little chat with Mr. Roshan Gandhi, Director Strategy of City Montessori School, Lucknow - India. We talked about the technologies and practices that could transform K12 education.  The highlights of the video is in the description. 



Q1. Do you really think that we can replace tangible certificates with blockchain technology like digital certificates ?



In Mr. Gandhi’s own words, “Blockchain is a fascinating topic but everyone using it blockchain as a buzzwords, you have to wonder if they are truly even using blockchain technology”.  He goes on affirming the possibility of using blockchain technology for digital certificates in academics. 


Q2. Coming to the learning methods, do you really think that personalised learning is possible in Indian scenario ?


“Yes it is, though technology. Technology can assist teacher to help you personalise learning. For example there are pretty sophisticated adaptive learning  platforms which uses true machine learning.”, Mr. Gandhi explained how is it possible. 


Q3. Will poor kids perform as well as rich kids ? ( the “so talked topic”)


Mr. Gandhi said, “there is a danger of using too much technology will enhance the outcome for the people who are already doing better because they are rich and will leave poor people behind. But there is a way around”. He goes on and explains how poor kids and take benefits of the latest technology advancements in the education sector. 


Q4. Schools are already too much focussed on learning methods like smart class etc. What do you think about the use of data analytics on data collected on student’s and teacher’s performance. 


“Data can be very powerful tool to enhance the performance of teachers and students. “ But he goes on and says it shouldn’t be just to show off but to actually assist teacher in teaching. 


Watch the video to know what we talked about right way of using these technologies in overall development of the k12 education.