16 Sep,19

Colleges to set up a help desk for online admission form in West Bengal.

By: Aman Kumar Singh

WB government is planning to set up help desks near colleges to help students fill up online forms.

The West Bengal government is planning to set up help desks in different districts to help students in rural areas to fill up online admission forms for colleges, Education Minister Partha Chatterjee said. The helpdesk will enable the candidates in filling online admission forms and will also extend other assistance related to the college admission.

Why helpdesk near colleges and how will it benefit students?

It was observed that many students had faced problems during the online admission process due to their lack of familiarity with the internet or poor net connection in rural areas, so it was decided that helpdesk be set up near the colleges.

Education minister Partha Chatterjee of WB also said that “From the next academic session, students and guardians who will face difficulty in filling up online form can approach the help desks.”

Details of  the Help Desks set up by WB government

During the time of admission in May-June 2020, the facilities, to be run by the higher education department, will be set up near colleges, the minister said on Wednesday.

To prevent interference by students' unions during admission, the West Bengal government had directed all colleges in May that the process, including payment of fees, would be completely online and students cannot be asked to come to the campus before the start of classes.