18 Jan,19

Admissions in private schools is decreased by 2.3 percent between 2016 - 18 in U.P

By: Aman Kumar Singh

Hindustan Hindi newspaper recently published news with heading “सरकारी स्कूलों की सुधरी सेहत तो निजी में घटे छात्र” the news was published on basis of a report generated by Pratham called Annual Status of Education Report.

According to a basic education officer, it is because of the freebies given in govt school as well as increased quality of education in the last two years. However, the report only states that the number of admissions decreased in the private schools, it doesn't have any statistics about the reason behind it. A government official will always speculate the scenario in the favor of the government. The reason behind the decreased admissions in private schools can also be the poor quality of education even with the high fee. We are all well aware of the salary and condition of the teachers in private primary schools of rural areas. And the quality of education those underpaid and unqualified teachers bring to their students.

There were some young girls and boys discussing the news report and their speculations were very different from the govt officials. Some of them see it as a success of government bodies in bringing up the education quality and better distribution of the freebies like books, midday meal etc. While some of those young fellas believe, it is because of the increased living cost and decreased income that lead the parents to go for free education.

However, we don’t have any scientific data to back either of these speculations. Let us know what do you think about it.